The Prana Practice Gifts is NOT an "online store," a "business" or an "organization." There is nothing for "sale" or "purchase" on this website.

By using this web site, you agree that you are not "purchasing" any items, but rather you are making a Personal Donation, in return for which you will receive the Personal Gift(s) you chose.

As such, please fully understand that this web site does NOT work like a "normal online store."


The gift basket simply adds up the grand total for the items you choose, and then gives you instructions for how to make a Personal Donation to receive those items.

**Donations received through this web site are non-refundable.**



I want you to feel supported in your efforts to help yourself and take steps forward in your progressive journey. 

I understand financial situations are different for each individual. 

If you are interested in a differing donation option for one of the courses specified, please reach out via the form provided.


Contact Anjali for collaborations, private events, 

or other wellness initiatives.