What to expect on a Prana Practice Retreat:



I created these retreats to bring women and men together in healing and supportive community through sober experiences. ⁣

Alcoholism and addiction has been a prominent challenge within my family. Most of my trauma stemmed from watching those I loved deeply, destroy themselves, and becoming a co-dependent to their behavior. My wounds have extended themselves from this life and past ones as well. I have struggled with self sabotage, self hate, toxic relationships, lack of faith, peer pressure, depression, and victimization of all my shit. ⁣

I know in my choosing this life & path, that I got the opportunity to heal myself and help others heal as well. ⁣

The retreats I facilitate are special and very immersive. My goal is to not sugar coat, or promise you that everything is ‘love and light’ but to invite you towards your shadows. ⁣

Healing the things that keep our happiness and freedom captive.⁣

Break through societal conditioning that we need to be more, do more, have more, etc. ⁣

Unlearn our co-dependent and victim centered behavior.⁣

Create conscious patterns in our lives and re-wire our brains towards an abundant and mindful direction.⁣

I will hold space for you, cheer you on, give you support, teach you to set healthy boundaries, investigate your trauma & encourage you to no longer identify with it.⁣

I will show you that you ARE light—⁣

but first we will venture into the dark.⁣

I am here, for those who are willing, scared, and ready to step forward into a new life, a
 better life.

So get messy, breathe deeply, and find your soul home that has been long lost and missed. ⁣

I invite you to take the leap.