Welcome inside Radical Self 

I'm grateful you found your way to this inward journey. The next 6 weeks you will gain tools, insight, and knowledge to help yourself evolve into a more empowered and self-assured woman. Below holds all the links to course videos, meditations, and the private FB community group.

Thank you for showing up and doing your best.



Your RS workbook was designed to help you go deeper into your self reflection process and offer you more insight on what and how you can heal, wholly.

I encourage you to take full advantage of it.

Your Video Lessons:

Session 1 of Radical Self - Introduction & Welcome (55:54)

Session 3 of Radical Self - Radical Responsibility


Session 5 of Radical Self - Conscious Communication & Boundaries


Session 2 of Radical Self - Getting to The Root (38:40)

Session 4 of Radical Self - Principles & Core Values


Session 6 of Radical Self - Emotional Intelligence & Intuition


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