May 3rd - June 21st, 2020

Has the time come for you to leave your self sabotaging & low frequency habits in the dust?

Are you ready to move yourself towards freedom?

When I talk with women, I tend to hear the same common threads:

  • They feel that something is missing from their life and they're unsatisfied.

  • They want to wake up and feel inspired to do to more, feel more, live MORE.

  • They want to be in love, but don't know how to receive love from themselves.


I've heard it & I've said it too...


"If only I could lose 5 more pounds, I would be happy with my body."

"If only I could find the love of my life / partner / soulmate, I would be fulfilled."

"If only I could express myself without feeling "needy" or "annoying", then I would speak up more."

"IF ONLY I could feel confident, without comparing myself to every other woman in the room."

Sound familiar? 

If so, Radical Self is for you.






I developed this course to empower and awaken women like you. 


Inside of Radical Self you will learn to...

  • Heal old habits and thought patterns that have held you back from being true to yourself

  • Aligning with your core values 

  • Setting boundaries of self love

  • Moving through blame, shame, forgiveness, fear, and finding gratitude

  • How to tap into your intuition and trust yourself again 

It's a choice to live a life you are proud to show up for

I know this because...

I lived life for a long time telling myself that I was the product of my environment. Based on my childhood experiences of watching addiction, self-sabotage, and low self esteem, I ruled out love, I ruled out success, I ruled out real happiness, and left myself in a rut of never feeling good enough to accept what life was always trying to give me.

I went from:

Being a constant people pleaser, feeling self conscious in my skin, and scared to use my voice...


and transformed into:

An empowered woman with unshakable self love, declaring what I want in my life, setting boundaries,  settling for nothing less than what I truly deserve, and allowing my intuition to guide me.

I want you to have this too.

I invite you to join us inside Radical Self!

This online program is specifically designed to teach you how to create more freedom in your life through self love and re-establishing your connection to true power.

I want you to know:

1. You are definitely not alone in this.

2. You hold the key to all the happiness, joy, and freedom in your life! 

3. There is another way to be living, and I want to teach you.

Please note:

Radical Self is here for the women who are ready to invest in their well-being as a whole. Therefore, we will only be accepting 5 women into the course at a time.

Each application submitted is reviewed & looked over by Anjali. 

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