The Destruction of The Divine Feminine.

Updated: Sep 21

For the past few years, much focus has been on women regaining their power back from the wounded masculine patriarchy that has been looming over our society. Women are enraged about being objectified, used, degraded, abused, and overall treated very poorly by men (rightfully so). However, as we have been exposing and calling out men for their misbehavior and toxic traits, dare I say, have we failed to look at our own?

How us, as women, have been adding to the fire of destruction, and unknowingly causing more separation between the sexes, resulting in more pain and suffering for all of us.

Yes, this is the shadow work we must do to understand the whole scale of what has happened, and what will continue to prevail and worsen if we don't take a good look at ourselves.

Women, are not at complete fault, but we're not innocent as well. You see, we have unconsciously perpetuated the exact plan to keep our Divine Feminine Fire simmered down to embers. And the questions we must ask ourselves are not easy ones. They are not comfortable parts to look at, but we must go there.

How did we allow this to happen?

In what ways have we been conditioned to behave?

What can we take responsibility for?

Where are we able to look further into ourselves and see that, we have been DOOPED.

Both genders, have been deeply, deeply dooped. And now, it's our duty to bring balance back to both sides, by working on ourselves and dismantling all of the harmful behavior and beliefs that has been very strategically placed into the minds of our brothers and sisters.

The Devine Feminine, has been, and continues to be inverted. by inverted, I mean distorted: Altered from the natural state. Not true, not real, and twisted. This agenda has been in the works for a long time, and the last thing the evil forces at work want, is for man and woman to be harmoniously co-existing and flourishing together.

I can't help but reflect back on my many life experiences with men, and reminisce on the mistreatment that I underwent myself. I was violated, used, and treated / talked to as a weak and useless individual.

And for a long time, I was a victim.

The story was:

"Poor me, no one will ever love me, or treat me right, or see my worth."

I lacked the awareness to look at myself and see how my own actions and behaviors were attracting this kind of treatment into my own life. Until one day, something shook me so hard. My soul cried out to me, and I finally got the message. I had to love myself, I had to do the work mentally and energetically so I would no longer attract hurtful experiences and relationships into my life. I had to know my worth. It was MY responsibility to stand up for and defend my sacred space. So I had to look at all the ways that I was adding to my own issues.

-I had no boundaries.

-I really just wanted any kind of love and attention.

-I gave everything I possibly could until I was drained.

-I had no self worth, so I accepted whatever I could "get".

-I behaved in ways that were drawing the wrong kind of attention into my life.


From the attention seeking behavior to the derogatory music that I listened to, and to the "role models" in Playboy that I really looked up to.

Of course, no one has the right to mis-treat you. And it is sad that we don't know how to treat one another in a moral way. This is because many of us are operating from a deeply wounded place. When these wounds go un-noticed, ignored, or continually repressed, we begin to act on them. We blame one another, fight and hurt each other, violate one another, and continue on the cycle of suffering. Eventually leading to complete division and misery.

We don't see one another as Divine Beings. Instead, women view men as evil, and men view women as evil...but we still desire so deeply be loved by each other. Our souls know the truth, but our shadows show up and swallow us whole.

It's a sick and twisted mental construct, and this way of treating and seeing one another is blasted at us from all angles.

Therefore, we must conjure up the self awareness to see how we are living out the malevolent storyline of Men VS Women.

Women, we have a responsibility to look at ourselves and recognize how we might be adding to our own suppression and mistreatment. This is our divine duty, to truly reclaim the lost sacredness of our Womanhood. To know thyself, and restore the individual beauty and power that women inherently are.

Let's Explore:

Many TV shows, like The Bachelor shows us depictions of earning or competing for love. Always in a state of drama. And we eat this shit up. We love, love, but this holds us to a disadvantage as we take in the concept of having to fight one another for the attention or commitment of a man. As if this is a REAL depiction of true love? This is not real life, and it gives us the wrong idea about relationships. Likewise, there are many other TV shows that highlight dysfunctional relationships and fake as people living fake ass lives. The influence this has on our minds is undeniable, just look at how immensely The Kardashians have sold their image of beauty, and now a whole lot of women are morphing into a variation of Kylie Jenner. Diminishing their natural beauty, over-identifying with their body, and believing that this is how they must look to be deemed worthy, beautiful, confident, etc.

Movies that portray the masculine, dominating woman OR the submissive and fragile female. Pay attention to what is being sold. Sex scenes are in every movie, and these are non-realistic and some very aggressive and uncomfortable to watch. I've never seen a movie that explores conscious and sensual, loving sex. Rape is now a common storyline in many films these days, which is absolutely horrific, but some will argue that it's ok because it's "just telling a story".

Right. I'm sure that's the objective.

Not only does this instill the FEAR of men into our minds, but many people also get off on this and find it "erotic". Thus, normalizing and propagating rape culture.

Movies also offer up much subliminal sexualized programming, if you're paying attention. Like the many hidden images in Disney movies and a recent obvious mannequin boob grab while watching an X-Men movie.

Thus sacred Sex, and Sexuality has been mowed over. The porn industry included (obviously), has ever more gotten people addicted and desensitized to the sexual experience and union shared between partners.

Our Music is SO mis-guided. And I cannot hide from the fact that in middle & high school I was blasting music like "Shake That Ass For Me" by Eminem & "Bouncin' On My Dick" by Tyga. Of course, back then I thought it was completely "normal" and "fun" to listen to sexualized and objectifying music, because...that was the nature of society! I mean, since it was acceptable for this type of shit to be played at our Middle School Dances, why question it at all?!

Obviously so. In what better way do you feed the wounded masculine by dancing and listening to songs that send the message:

"Hi, I'm a woman. I'm just a piece of meat, look at me and you just see sex".

And what's worse then women listening to men objectifying us in their "art" music.

Listening to women objectifying women in their "art" music.

So I must ask, how are we not seeing this? How are we so deaf and oblivious to the very clear message that this is sending out to the world? Yet, we think that when women sing or rap about their sexuality, it somehow makes it different. Like, we're more "empowered" because instead of Lil Wayne talking about Truffle Butter, we get to put our own spin on it.

Um, hello? It's still sending the SAME message, no matter who is winning a Grammy for it.

Songs like "I'm A Slave For You" by Britney Spears. "Anaconda" Nikki Minaj. And, the newest and most popular "W.A.P. (Wet Ass Pussy)" by the worlds new favorite, Cardi B.

And you know what, if you listen to this "music", you are defiling yourself as a woman.

You are adding to the problem.

If that just offended your ego, so be it.

You want to be empowered? You want to be seen and treated as a Goddess? You want to stop being objectified? Stop listening & watching / giving your precious energy and attention to things like this.

If you think you're gaining your power back, or "owning" your sexuality by blasting Cardi B -- sorry sister, you're really just re-enforcing the hardwired issue we have today. Sending confusing signals to men that you want to be treated with respect, but lack self respect.

Fixing The Issue:

If you're a woman in the modern world looking to truly gain back what has been lost and suppressed, it's time to awaken yourself and do the inner work. There is no better way to ignite your Sacred Feminine Flame than by cleansing your mind, body, and soul of all that has tarnished your shine.

Recognize what makes you WOMAN, and cherish it.

You are sensual, in flow, expressive, a divine creator, a harmonizer, one with the earth, and so much more. Reclaim the power of your cycles, your mensuration, your womb. Women have been degraded and discarded, and it's our right to stand up for ourselves and bring balance back to the Divine Feminine. Your body tells stories of all the women that have come before you, and how holy your true essence is. You are more than a sex symbol, your body is to been cherished and loved, and your worthiness is beyond the flesh.

You are the ultimate source of direction. You choose how the world sees you. You set the stage for what you allow. You share the vision of women in the world.

We need NOT to forge a Matriarchy. If our aim is to seek revenge or rule over men, there will be only more destruction and more chaos. It is time to work together. To heal ourselves, and create a better world for our daughters and sons. Rise up as the Goddess you are, create sovereign sisterhood, and ignite your inner warrior that fights for justice and peace for all women and men in the world.

You get the opportunity to go deep with yourself and end the cycles within, break through the conditioning, and reclaim your feminine spirit. This is what impacts our reality as a whole, and has the potential to birth a new way of living and unifying with each other.

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