Partnership is Hard Work and it is Play⁣

Partnership is hard work, and it is play. ⁣

Endless, joyful, and exploratory play. ⁣

And as you explore each other through the exchange of words, touch, thought, movement, and time— you will find that the two of you together will uncover layers of each other. Beautiful layers that have been waiting to be seen. Layers that have hidden in the shadows of shame and guilt. Layers that have been too afraid to be seen until someone comes into your life and willingly wants to know every part of who you are. You will open all the nooks and crannies that no one has wandered in before.

This is the work. ⁣

Let it happen. ⁣

Allow the discomfort to teach you where you can lean on your partner. Tell them your fears, your insecurities, your most challenging feelings. Holding space for one another to unravel layer by layer by layer. Because being in the process together is where you are going to heal. Opening up to talk and cry and feel and rest is where you are going to bond and grow deeper into the relationship that you have. ⁣

The exploration is daring. Not for those who are afraid  of their own darkness, but can instead wander into it. The illumination of what has been holding you hostage to your happiness, and breaking out of that cage. ⁣

Help each other. ⁣

Remember your human nature is imperfect and conditioned, and your journey is un-learning what the world, school, and your parents have always told you.⁣

In love you will receive the most valuable lessons about yourself, your needs, and how to communicate. ⁣

There is no hiding in true love, there is no judgement, there is no suffocation, there is no space to not allow. ⁣

There are two of you moving through the same journey together. You are partners. You are lovers. You are friends. You are together on the road back home to soul. You come from the same place, and you will always be supported no matter how hard the terrain becomes. ⁣

Partnership is sometimes hard work,⁣ but it is also play.


When you finally allow yourself to be love, have love, and experience love ⁣

you will both show up to meet each other⁣.

Receive it. ⁣