BBQ Jackfruit Sliders


Definitely a staple food in my house at all times simply because you can do so much with it!

Tacos, dip, stir fry, burgers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, all the things!

Jackfruit is really popular in Asia and surrounding Islands.

It looks like this:

These giant fruit can weigh up to 30-60lbs! Sometimes more.

When Jackfruit is ripe, it has a sweet taste that can be used in desserts or just eaten by itself. However, when the fruit is not fully ripe it actually has little, to no taste at all! That's what makes it a prime candidate for savory cooking, absorbing whatever flavor you cook it in. Kinda like tofu, but without the soy.

I choose to not purchase an entire Jackfruit because...

A) Idk what I would do with all that fruit and that would be wasteful.

B) They are pretty expensive.

C) I honestly don't want to deal with all that prep work to make a dish (call me lazy, I don't care).

I purchase mine in a can at Trader Joe's and it's about $1.89.

Recipe to the Jackfruit Sliders:


-Grab yo-self a can of Jackfruit from TJ's

-Tear apart the pieces of fruit so you get a stringy texture (like pulled meat).

-Grab your favorite marinade sauce/ spices. (I use a spicy mustard BBQ sauce. )

-Combine fruit and marinade together in a air tight dish and let it sit in the fridge overnight or a few hours.


-Get a pan ready and use a little cooking oil.

-Add a little garlic powder, salt and pepper.

-Put the jackfruit in the pan and let it cook for about 10 minutes on medium heat.

-Feel free to also add extra veggies like onions or mushrooms. I went pretty plain with this because I was low on time.

Put your slider together on a Sesame bun, onion roll, whatever kinda bread you want.

I added fresh lettuce, avocado, honey mustard, and vegan mayo by Earth Balance.

Side note: (this would also be so good with some kinda slaw on top too).



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