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One-on-one offerings are based on a sliding scale donation. This is a service you will receive in exchange for the personal donation you make. You are not purchasing or buying anything from Anjali Romaniuk.

Embody & embrace your authentic self. Shed layers of social conditioning, and awaken your spirit. Discover your human potential and be free from that which holds you back.

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We have an obligation to help heal ourselves while we're here...

The world needs more people aligned within themselves and aware of their worth.

It's important to ask ourselves:

  • How am I showing up in the world?

  • Where am I struggling to take care of myself?

  • What can I do to resolve my inner conflicts? 

  • How do I view / devalue myself?

  • What kind of things are holding me back in life?

  • Am I willing to release, discover, and become who I truly am?

  • What am I truly passionate about in life?

These are just a few facets that reveal to us the workings of our inner world.

When we begin to confront parts of ourselves that are normally pushed aside or repressed, our worlds begin to shift, transformation begins, and we take on a new shape. 

Maybe you are tired of living within the mundane functions of everyday life. Be it the same job you show up to that burns you out, or chronic feeling of dissatisfaction. You might be tired of the perpetuating cycles of self struggle, or generally feeling mis-aligned. 

There are multiple possibilities that bring a person to the point where they are ready for change and to receive more from themselves & life. 

This 8-week immersion revolves around taking full responsibility for your circumstances, your actions, your behaviors, and your attitudes. It’s about leaning in to yourself, moving through emotions, strengthening your awareness, and cultivating a potent reservoir of inner power and wisdom.


Mentorship is for those who are committed to their growth and transformation. Together we will establish a partnership to increase your personal power and courage to move forward in life. You will receive tools like Meditation, Embodiment, Sacred Space Practices, Introspective Journaling, Suggested Reading, & Subconscious Reprogramming to assist you during our time together based on your personalized needs.

  • This is a 1-on-1 mentorship that lasts 8 weeks.

  • Once a week we will meet through a Zoom Chat for approximately 50-minutes to connect with each other.

  • You'll receive weekly writing prompts and integration tools to help you navigate through your journey with direction & confidence.

  • You will have access to me via email or text for support through the 8-Week journey together. 

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What's Our Exchange?

A sliding scale donation exchange of


If you feel called to begin your transformational journey with me, please fill out  the application below. We will connect on a brief call to discover if we are an aligned match!


May you break the chains which bind you.

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