A 6-Week integrative journey to start on your path of self reclamation & deep inner healing. 

RADICAL SELF is for the woman who feels the deep inner call to begin exploring her inner world. There is no better time to look within ones self and begin to examine where our limiting beliefs come from, why our inner critic is so loud, and how we lost touch with our true essence. 

There are so many of us who long for change in our lives, want better for ourselves, wish to embody confidence and clarity...

but don't know where to begin. 

Your greatest work is looking into yourself to find the answers.

During this 6 week course, you will receive 6 different video lessons that invite you to take a brave look inward to initiate healing.

  • ​WEEK ONE: Greeted by a formal introduction & welcome, in week 1 you will learn about conditioning, where it comes from, how you're conditioned, and why it's crucial for you to acknowledge this. You'll explore the different layers of the mind and how it plays a role in our behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. The importance of the human ego, the shadow, the awakened self, and how we can honor all parts of ourselves to create balance within. 

  • WEEK TWO: Discover the wonders of inner child work and how to connect with this crucial part of yourself. Nourishing the inner child brings so much healing into our lives. Discover where your wounds and limited belief systems come from and how they contribute to harmful self sabotaging behavior.

  • WEEK THREE: Your initiation in taking complete ownership and responsibility for yourself. Your thoughts, actions, behaviors, beliefs, and experiences in life. During week 3 you will be prompted to go deeper as you explore the five stages of awakening and how self forgiveness plays a large part in our ability to move forward in life without baggage. 

  • WEEK FOUR: What do you value you in life? What principles are guiding your choices and behavior? These are some of the questions that will show up this week as you begin to discover what your core values are, the importance of morality, and what large role they play in your life. Learn how to embody what you truly value in your everyday life to effortlessly attract what is aligned for you. 

  • WEEK FIVE: Explore the importance of conscious communication and boundary setting. Taking your self talk from lower vibrational energy into powerful self love affirmations. How to consciously listen & take with others when you engage in conversation. How to set boundaries that will help you feel FREE as well as respected with yourself and those around you. 

  • ​WEEK SIX: During your final week of the course you'll learn the importance of emotional intelligence and body awareness. How these two elements connect us back to our inner wisdom and how to move through fear when it arrises. Explore the importance of your intuition, how to establish a strong connection to it and what you can practice to continuously grow and evolve in your spiritual journey to becoming an awakened woman. 

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What would it feel like to awaken your inner spirit and begin living from a place of true self love and honor?

RADICAL SELF is offered to you at a sliding scale donation option of $333-$444

You will also receive: 

-A downloadable workbook for the course with writing prompts and actions steps for your engagement & self discovery. 

-Access to a private FaceBook group to connect and discuss with other women who are working through the course.

-Recorded meditations to help ground & inspire you.




I want you to feel supported in your efforts to help yourself and take steps forward in your progressive journey. 

I understand financial situations are different for each individual. 

If you are ready to meet yourself in your transformative journey with Radical Self, please reach out via the form provided.


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