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Poppy Field


Help Humans Connect Back To Their Inner Intelligence & Restore Their Power. 

The Prana Practice was established in 2018 with the intention of creating deep healing for humanity, raised awareness, and connections to form conscious community. 

Here you will find a myriad of tools to guide you back to your liberated self.


The knowledge which is offered here is derived from great philosophers, spiritual teachers, and psychologists. 

My mission is to provide empowerment to anyone who is ready to dive deeper into themselves, shed societal conditioning, and help spread the power of unwavering human consciousness.


Anjali Romaniuk 

Spiritual Mentor & certified E-RYT500 Yoga Teacher 

I have a deep passion for guiding people towards their Awakened Self.

Similar to you, life's challenges have lead me here to my own personal path of healing. As my practices and teachings are based around personal education, experience, and intuition; I believe in, and encourage those I work alongside to look within themselves for guidance, healing, and wisdom.

The path to our true selves begs us to pay attention, tune inward, and find the courage to follow our calling.

Our world needs people who are willing to work within humanity, mend their inner wounds, take radical ownership of themselves, and begin living in alignment within natures laws.

 I invite you to become educated, liberated, and empowered so you can connect back to your greatest resource:


 Love & Truth 

My purpose is to assist you in your transformation.


I will ask you to show up, dig deep, and do the work so you can restore your power and change your life.

Helping humans to free themselves, connect back with spirit, and find radical self love. 

Here is what I offer to you...

Online Courses

Offering online courses to anyone. You can these at your own pace, and work on yourself in a private manner! These are useful to those who are just beginning their inward journey of healing.

1:1 Mentorship

For those who are seriously committed to their growth! Working 1:1 with Anjali is an intimate and exciting process. You will gain insight, tools, direct communication and support through this opportunity. A mentorship program designed for you, to empower you.

Private Yoga 

Anjali offers private at home yoga sessions which are tailored to your personal needs. Gaining wisdom on your spiritual connection and physical grounding.



Contact Anjali for collaborations, private events, 

or other wellness initiatives.